Sustainable Tourism

Dúnta20 Iúil, 2020, 9:00am - 14 M.F., 2020, 5:00pm

Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city and as such its rich history and landscape has and continues to provide invaluable tourism assets for both the city and county. Waterford has a strong tourism base focused around our natural environment and historic towns all have significant growth potential to develop tourism in Waterford.

The review of the development plan will play a key role in facilitating the development of our tourism potential, through supporting sustainable development of our natural and historical assets and strengthening the role of our city, towns and villages in providing the framework for tourism related infrastructure.

Key Information

International tourist visitors in 2018 who spent€52m; 509K National visitors in 2019 who spent €111m


The Greenway, a 46km cycle and walking route from Waterford to Dungarvan won The Guardian and Failte Ireland awards in

spent on trail under the Town and Village Renewal Projects since 2017
Waterford has been chosen as the winner of Foodie Destinations 2019
from Failte Ireland to boost the attractiveness and tourism appeal of Waterford City
Planned expansion of the Waterford Greenway into the heart of the Viking Triangle and to New Ross
 spent on Out Door Recreation Projects since 2017
walking trails in Waterford that meet the National Trails Standards

Key Questions

  1. How can the development plan policy balance the requirements to enhance the natural amenity of Waterford, including its rivers, mountains, woodlands and coastline, while developing such amenities for tourism’s.
  2. Are there any areas/attractions in Waterford city or county that you think have the potential to be sustainably developed for tourism and recreational purposes?
  3. What type of infrastructure or services are required to service tourism attractions and where should they be located?

Submission to draft Waterford City and County Development Plan
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The River and its Quays
The river has always been at the heart of our city's life and goes back to to the earliest settlement when Vikings moved down from the Woodstown site. Trade and transport has always been at it's core...
Marine based tourism & improved river access along River Suir & Waterford Estuary
I would like to see increased facilities for boat & kayak access to the River Suir estuary by slipway. Currently (to the best of my knowledge), the only public slip access on the Waterford side...
Opportunity to explore Sustainable Tourism opportunities
Sustainable Tourism In recent years we have witnessed a huge increase in the numbers of people taking part in activities in the great outdoors from walking, cycling, hiking, water based...
Implications for Geotourism
County Waterford is particularly well endowed with diverse bedrock giving excellent textural and colour options for construction stone as has been apparent since Medieval times.  Waterford...