Sustainable Communities and Placemaking

Dúnta20 Iúil, 2020, 9:00am - 14 M.F., 2020, 5:00pm

Sustainable Communities

Community facilities play a central role in shaping our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and villages. They provide for the educational, cultural, sporting, childcare, environmental health and social needs of our society. Sustainable neighbourhoods need a range of community facilities that are fit for purpose, easily accessed and adaptable. All of our citizens across the Waterford should have easy access to these facilities in order to avoid social exclusion and inequality.

Place Making

The built environment impacts on our quality of life. Good urban design is crucial in creating attractive vibrant places and spaces in which we live, work and play. Creating a sense of place and identity in our built environment can facilitate a range of positive outcomes such as encouraging economic vitality and enhancing the character and distinctiveness of our urban environments. It can also enhance wellbeing by allowing people to interact informally with others.

Key Information

in total was invested in the Waterford City Centre public realm in 2018
in total committed to public realm upgrades in Tramore
invested in Dungarvan Smarter Travel which included upgrade to The Square
received in 2019 under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme

Key Questions

  1. What do you think makes a sustainable neighbourhood or place in which to live?
  2. What do you think can be done to make sure our public spaces are safe and accessible to all?
  3. What facilities would you like to see provided for in your community?
  4. What actions can the development plan include to facilitate greater levels of physical activity and support healthy and active life choices?
  5. What is needed to make our neighbourhoods and settlement more desirable places in which to live?
  6. What policies and actions can the development plan include to make the most of our public parks for purposes of both amenity and biodiversity value?
  7. Within Waterford city and suburbs where do you think (i) regional park and (ii) neighbourhood parks should be located?

Note: Aside from this pre-draft public consultation process, a Place Standard survey is being undertaken with a link to the relevant documentation set out on the portal. This will inform Waterford City and County Council of your views on your own area. You are invited to complete the survey in your own time, the results of which will be used by Waterford City and County Council in the carrying out of its statutory functions.

Draft Waterford City and County Development Plan
See attachment 
Use of space at Monvoy Valley Estate, Tramore
Suggest: 1. a park/ green area with enclosed astro turf for multipurpose sports; 2. playground Please see attached submission
Tree Preservations, small parks and playgrounds
Please see attached submission
Submission to draft Waterford City and County Development Plan
See attachment 
Dunmore East
See attachment