Principle Enabling Infrastructure, Energy and Communications

Dúnta20 Iúil, 2020, 9:00am - 14 M.F., 2020, 5:00pm

The availability of high quality infrastructure and environmental services will play a crucial role in securing economic investment and safeguarding our environment into the future. The development plan must ensure that all new development is both plan and infrastructure led across Waterford.

Water and Drainage

The National River Basin Management Plan 2018 – 2021 sets out to bring Ireland fully in line with the Water Framework Directive and restoring our water quality to at least ‘good’ status.

The development plan provides an opportunity to find innovative solutions to infrastructural requirements, especially surface water and foul water, where enhanced biodiversity and green infrastructure as well as amenity value can be added to settlements, e.g. Dunhill Integrated Constructed Wetlands and the Anne Valley Walk. The use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) is critical to implementing solutions in larger urban centres and will be central to any Green Infrastructure Strategies of the Council


Energy comes in many forms such as fossil fuels and renewable (solar, biomass, wave and on/off shore wind). The Council supports the national policy shift to low carbon energy solutions for a greener future as well as the need to enhance electrical generation and distribution infrastructure to ensure that current and future energy demands are met.

The role out of electrical infrastructure such as upgrades to transmission and distribution networks, the increased electrical capacity to meet the increase electrical demand and the connection to the ‘Green Link’ interconnector for energy supply/security will be vital for the future development of Waterford.


It is intended that the National Broadband Plan will address the lack of high speed connectivity in rural areas. The Council will continue to support and facilitate operators to improve speed and service across Waterford in line with national policy

Key Information


 wind turbines in Waterford
 of forest for Bio Mass in Waterford
Homeowners, farmers, commercial buildings to generate their own electricity and sell back to the grid under scheme for micro-generation

13 no./149ha of land for Solar Farms

of energy projects will be community owned
7% Cater for an annual increase in electrical demand of up to 7% per year and the decarbonising of electrical generation

Key Questions

  1. What policies and objectives can be contained in the development plan that will facilitate /enable infrastructure led development?
  2. How can the development plan policies support

the reuse of older buildings in the context of current energy and other building design standards?

  1. How can the development plan balance the need for renewable and secure energy supply for urban and rural communities while maintaining environmental quality?
  2. What actions can the development plan include to ensure we meet our energy needs in the future?
  3. What actions can the development plan put in place to improve water quality?
  4. Where should renewable energy developments be located given the national targets for this sector?
  5. In the absence of public investment in infrastructure, what is the best solution to providing waste water and water services in smaller towns and villages in order to support their capacity to accommodate viable communities into the future? How can such a solution be implemented?

Indication of Quantum of land deemed suitable for wind energy production
A clear policy ambition is critical. Strongly encourage the LARES approach.
Redevelopment of quarries for landfill
Please see attached submission
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