Chapter 11: Heritage

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Chapter 11: Heritage

Strategic Objectives

  • To identify, protect, manage and enhance the rich qualities of the built, cultural and natural heritage of the City and County, and to encourage its sensitive and appropriate integration into the sustainable development of our places for the benefit of present and future generations. The Plan seeks to achieve a balance between the foregoing and economic prosperity and social integration.
  • To seek the protection, sustainable management and enhancement of Waterford’s built heritage; to promote the appropriate regeneration and reuse of our historic structures which strengthen a sense of place; to promote awareness and enjoyment of our built heritage for the present and future generations.

11.0 Heritage

Waterford’s heritage takes many forms – built, natural, cultural and linguistic, tangible and intangible.  Heritage is all about people and place and our local heritage underpins a sense of place and identity for Waterford whilst providing a range of benefits to society, well-being and the economy. 

The conservation and management of heritage is directed by national legislation which supports a range of international conventions that have been ratified by the Irish Government. The principal national legislation in relation to the Built Environment is the National Monuments Act 1930-2004 and Part IV of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended).  

At a local level, the Waterford Heritage Plan (2017-2022) has guided the conservation, research, enhancement and access to heritage of the
City and County and much survey work commissioned under this Plan has been used to inform heritage policy.   The aim of this plan is to set out a strategic and co-ordinated approach for heritage in recognition of the benefits that heritage delivers; identifying a sense of place for Waterford, learning lessons from our past to plan for the future and added value for the development of Waterford City and County.  
The publication of Heritage Ireland 2030 provides a strategy for the protection, promotion and management of Ireland’s heritage for the next decade and beyond. The objectives of Heritage Ireland 2030 are set out under three themes; Communities and Heritage, Leadership and Heritage and Heritage Partnerships. Heritage Ireland 2030 recognises that local authorities have a critical role in all aspects of the protection and promotion of heritage as owners of National Monuments, as regulatory authorities in relation to planning and economic development of areas with potential for heritage-led regeneration. It is an objective of Heritage Ireland 2030 to enhance support for local authorities and others working in community heritage engagement. 

Heritage Policy Objectives

Heritage 01

Waterford Heritage Plan

To implement and review the Waterford Heritage Plan in partnership with all relevant stakeholders and subject to available resources.

Heritage 02

Heritage Ireland 2030

To support the objectives of Heritage Ireland 2030 in relation to Communities and Heritage, Leadership and Heritage and Heritage Partnerships.

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