Creative Wellbeing - Strategic Priority 4

Closed21 Oct, 2022, 1:00pm - 28 Nov, 2022, 12:00pm

Creative Wellbeing

Work identified under this priority in Waterford’s Strategy will feed into Pillar 4: Creative Health and Wellbeing of the Creative Ireland Programme 2023-2027 and into the high-level priority for Local Authorities of Resilient Communities (as discussed and agreed with the County and City Managers' Association (CCMA)).

As a means towards greater community and individual wellbeing, Waterford’s strategy commits to developing and improving access to cultural and creative activities. Building on the many successful projects from the previous strategy such as “Ah go on” with Waterford Healing Arts Trust and “Linking the Déise” with LINC Waterford, the theme of creative wellbeing will copper fasten the inroads made so far and the work carried out by the Culture Team and the Local Authority as part of the Keep Well campaign during Covid19.

Covid Care Concert in a residential nursing home Dungarvan, Co Waterford in 2020. Photographer Patrick Browne

Waterford is a pioneer for arts, health and wellbeing, with a track record of long-term partnerships and programming in hospitals, care settings, community spaces and in the home through collaboration between Waterford’s Culture Department and the Creative Ireland Programme.

Waterford is home to the Waterford Healing Arts Trust who in addition to their programming function, co-ordinate  an independent national website providing a focal point and resource for the emergent field of arts and health in Ireland. 

Liaising with the Healthy Ireland programme and the Sláintecare Healthy Waterford & Healthy Communities programmes will further enhance the activities and events that will be possible during the new strategy.

During Covid 19, people gained more insight into the value of engaging with cultural activities and experienced the effectiveness of creative activities in maintaining and protecting wellbeing. Creative activities optimise cognitive and emotional capacities, strengthen identity, nurture social interactions and enhance resilience.

Prioritising creative wellbeing can be life enhancing and indeed, life changing, for individuals and communities in Waterford. As with other aspects of our services, the promotion of wellbeing through creativity also aligns with Goal 3 (Good Health) of the Sustainable Development Goals leading to health and wellness not only for individuals but also for communities.

As our society faces an ever-deepening mental health crisis across all age groups, all non-drugs based interventions are welcome. A social prescribing pilot project has already been undertaken in Waterford and our intention would be to continue with this collaboration between social prescribers and cultural services.


Creative Waterford and the Arts Service will include Creative Health and Well Being as an area for support in the annual Creative Waterford Open Call and will investigate opportunities to identify resources for proposals in this area.

Place Creative Well Being as a tenet central to arts and cultural policy documents due to be issued.

Develop the existing partnerships which the local authority has in the area of Arts and Health and investigate if further engagement opportunities exist.

Liaise with the Health and Creative Well Being Co- Ordinator for the local authority to roll out a staff initiative based on creativity and well being in the workplace.