Climate and Biodiversity - Strategic Priority 6

Closed21 Oct, 2022, 1:00pm - 28 Nov, 2022, 12:00pm

Climate and Biodiversity

Nature and the natural environment have been longstanding sources of inspiration for art and creativity. Waterford’s landscapes have inspired writing, painting and sculpture and provide not just aesthetic appeal but reflect what we value in our local environment. As we progress through the 21st Century taking care of our environment is more pressing than ever and communicating the need for collective action to protect our natural world is fundamental for continued enjoyment of our natural heritage. In Waterford we are aware of the vulnerabilities of coastal erosion and flood risk of low-lying areas, Semi-natural habitats   are declining in quality and spatial extent and climate change is bringing the arrival of new wildlife species, some of which are invasive and threaten our native habitats.

ACT Waterford creative activities at the Waterford Harvest Festival 2022. Photographer John D Kelly

Engagement of the public with climate action and biodiversity can effectively be channelled through creative media. In 2022, ACT Waterford, a Creative Ireland Climate Action funded project embedded an artistic and creative approach to influencing behaviour change in five localities under five environmental themes across Waterford City and County.  The programme has revealed great potential for communicating environmental science and behavioural change to diverse interest groups bringing together all age groups with ranging environmental and creative interests and capabilities. Making art whilst sharing skills and knowledge   and learning about our natural world is a key priority for the Waterford Creative Strategy 2023-2027. Complementing objectives for climate and biodiversity in the Waterford City and County Development Plan and Waterford Climate Action Plan we look forward to promoting creativity to   highlight how we can maintain and enhance Waterford’s natural environment in favourable conservation condition and enable meaningful change in the climate and biodiversity challenge facing us.


Host Climate Action and Biodiversity themed events in Waterford’s Annual Calendar of Cultural Events.

Develop and promote collaborations between Waterford City and County Council Climate Action Team and Creative Communities.

Continue funding supports for communicating the Climate Action and Biodiversity Loss message through creative media.

Promoting Biodiversity on Cumann na mBan Ring Road. Photograph Waterford City and County Council.