Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Sean Furlong

Volume 1


I believe the following developments would be of huge benefit to Passage East, Waterford & the South East. Both Quays in Passage are inaccessible to boating during a low tide. I propose that a Lock is constructed outside of the North Quay (Ferry side). This would allow 24 hour access for boating. I then propose that the South Quay is reclaimed. This would have a number of different advantages to the Village for either recreational or service to the community. I propose that the current pontoon at the end of the South Quay to be upgraded to a Marina. I propose better pedestrian access to the Village. This would require the up grading of a footpath from the main Waterford Road. After given this a lot of taught & taking into consideration that the hill is on one side & the river suir on the other side of the road l belive this would be best served by a boardwalk outside of the existing wall from the point  ( final bend coming into the village) all the way up to parks wood. This would link the village up with the hurthill walk & further on to the minaun. The existing lane beside the church in Crooke should also be upgraded for better access to the beach which leads to the village.                  Finally the river suir is the fastest flowing river in Europe & taking into consideration the need to switch from fossil fuels perhaps tidal power could be generated from it.