Draft Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 - 2028

Closed18 Jun, 2021, 11:00am - 30 Aug, 2021, 5:00pm

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Council Meeting 

A Special Council Meeting was held on 11th February 2022 to consider the Chief Executives Report on the Draft Waterford City and County Development Plan. 

The minutes of this meeting can be found here.

The Schedule of Draft Resolution can be found be here.


Chief Executive Report on the Draft Plan Consultation Phase

The Chief Executive (CE) Report on the Draft Plan Consultation Phase of the Waterford City and County Draft Development Plan was issued to Elected Members on Monday 22nd November 2021.  The CEs Report summarises the submissions and observations received and provides a response and recommendation from CE to each submission. The report and maps can be accessed via the links below. 

Please click here to view the CE Report on the Draft Plan Stage of the Draft Waterford City and County Council Development Plan 2022 – 2028.

Please click here to view the assocaited maps to CE Report which highlight where zoning requests were made and the CE Recommended Zoning Changes.


We welcome your submissions

The Draft Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 – 2028 has been prepared in accordance with the provision of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and is now on public display for a period of 10 weeks.

The Draft Plan is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Report, an Appropriate Assessment and a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment. The Draft Plan and associated environmental reports will be on public display and available for public inspection from 18th June to the 30th August 2021 (both dates inclusive) here on the public consultation portal or at the following locations:

  • Customer Care Desk, Waterford City & County Council, Baileys New Street, Waterford City;
  • Customer Care Desk, Waterford City & County Council, Civic Offices, Dungarvan

Resulting from the Covid 19 public health restrictions currently in place it may not be feasible to access the Draft Development Plan content on demand at the above locations and as such engagement with this consultation portal is strongly recommended. Where individuals are unable to access the content online they may contact the Planning Department via email to planning@waterfordcouncil.ie or by phone to 0761 102562 to make an appointment to view the relevant documents. Hard copies of the Draft Plan will be available to purchase on request by contacting the Planning Department directly as per the contact details given above. 

Have your say

The plan making process is a collaborative one and we are looking for your views on the Draft City and County Development Plan. Waterford City and County Council hereby invites any interested individuals or parties to make submissions and observations in respect of the Draft Plan. Children, or groups or associations representing the interests of children, are entitled to make submissions or observations.
Submissions may be made between Friday 18th June to Monday 30th August 2021 (both dates inclusive) in the following way.

All submissions and observations must be received before 5pm on 30th August 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Please make your submission by one medium only as follows:

  • Online by registering on https://consult.waterfordcouncil.ie where you can then make a submission on the draft chapters, topics and map sheets. You can also submit drawings of any areas relating to your submission on an interactive development plan map

  • In Writing marked “Draft City and County Development Plan” to the Planning Department, Waterford City and County Council, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford City.

All submissions should include your name and a contact address, a map (where appropriate) and, where relevant, details of any organisation, community group or company etc., which you represent.

Please note that all submissions will be made available for public viewing on the Council’s consultation website during the plan-making period. We will retain your data for no longer than is necessary for the purpose of this City and County Development Plan. Please view the short video clip on this portal to assist in your registration and making of your submissions. 

Email submissions will not be accepted.  

Public Consultation Events

While Waterford City & County Council wishes to ensure that the draft Development Plan will be informed by public engagement, as a result of Covid 19, new ways of communicating fully with the public and interest parties are required. To this end we intend to hold a number of public webinars throughout the public consultation period, please see below time, dates and themes of the public meetings.

In order to facilitate public engagement and discussion, a series of online virtual town hall meetings were held during this public consultation period on the 20th/21th/22th and the 27th/28th/29th August from 19:00 hrs - 20:30 hrs. The meetings give an overview of the development plan and provided an opportunity for questions and answers. A link to the full recodings of each public meeting can be found below. 


7:00 - 8:30pm - Tuesday 20th July

Strategic Vision, Population, Housing, Employment and Education

 View meeting recording

7:00 - 8:30pm - Wednesday 21st July

Environment, Heritage, Conservation, Tourism and Amenity

View meeting recording

7:00 - 8:30pm - Thursday 22nd July

Transportation, Climate Change, Infrastructure and Regeneration

View meeting recording

7:00 - 8:30pm - Tuesday 27th July

Local Placemaking - Waterford Metropolitan Area

View meeting recording

7:00 - 8:30pm - Wednesday 28th July

Local Placemaking - Comeragh Municipal District

View meeting recording

7:00 - 8:30pm - Thursday 29th July

Local Placemaking - Dungarvan/Lismore Municipal District

View meeting recording


Stages of a Development Plan

Where Are We Now = ‘Stage 2: Draft Development Plan’

There are numerous stages involved in the preparation of a Development Plan which takes place over a two-year period. We are half-way through this period and the Draft Waterford City and County Development Plan 2022 – 2028 is now on public display for 10 weeks.




Irish Translation: A full Irish translation of Volumes 1 and 2 is currently being undertaken and will be available on this portal in the coming weeks.  


Digital Maps: All maps relating to the land use zoning, specific development objectives and relevant strategies, policy objectives and other matters have been formatted and presented on this portal as a digital set of maps to support easy access to the required map data. Please note that hard copies of settlement maps will be available in the near future on the portal. These will reflect the content of the online mapping already available on the portal but will provide an alternative method of interacting with the Draft Plan maps for those who may find it difficult to navigate through the digital book of maps.

Data Protection Note: Submissions received by the Planning Authority will be published on Waterford City & County Council’s website at https://consult.waterfordcouncil.ie/ along with your name in accordance with the Planning & Development (Amendment) Act 2000 as amended. Your contact details will not be published. Please do not include personal, confidential or other sensitive information in submissions. Queries: Email dataprotection@waterfordcouncil.ie